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Hey All I am indeed still alive WOOT!

Work got crazy busy and is still busy with crazies... but eh suck is life.

I've been absorbed in updating Underneath it All and I'm proud to report 12k plus words later and it's done. I should have it up this weekend. (that's a lot to edit LOL)

As some of you know my personal life went to shit in late March. Lot's of drama and people showing their true colors all the way around including yours truly. Not meaning to be vague but just don't want to rehash it all... was some heavy stuff. But I am happy to report all is well (for the moment at least) and I did what I always said I would do if I was ever in a certain situation so I can at least say I stayed true to myself, I didn't take the "easy" way out. Suffice it to say it turned into a shitty After School Special and just like in a Lifetime Movie the truth is a bitter pill no one wants to swallow and if you are ever the only one willing to voice it, beware the fallout, but still do it because you know if you were on the other side of the fence you'd want to hear the "real deal" not the "easy deal".

Enough of that...

Original Fiction that has taken up most of my time the last year is moving along well and I hope to have another book out by the end of this year. Might Be Indie Publishing might be Dreamspinner not sure, too soon to tell.

Fell free to clue me into what's gone on in your life if you comment. Much love and hugs to all!

Now some eye candy!
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Jun. 5th, 2013 07:54 am
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After a year and a half of not smoking I have wanted a cigarette so bad the past two weeks I could claw someones eyes out... Damn.

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It's employee and employer review time at my workplace and some of you know the issues I have had there. It has not gotten any better.

Question four was "What do you like least about working here?" and I was honest... a page and a half worth of honesty.

Long story short, the one woman that likes to talk down to and be snide with anyone she feels like was overheard talking to me like that by the owner of the company while my direct supervisor was out. I talked to him, he talked to my boss and my actual review in the conference room is today.

The confusion comes in at her asking me yesterday if I want to "rewrite" my review. I don't understand this question. There isn't anything in there I want to take back but the real conundrum is why this question is being posed to me in the first place. Any one of you guys have any Human Resources experience out there? Can anyone shed some light on this?


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Ok so I promise I haven' hung up my fanfic ways and there will be a posting of ficcage in this journal very soon. 

I have also ben contemplating changing my Lj layout... does anyone out there on the old F--List write code? Or have a nice layout tucked away somewhere they don't mind sharing? My only requirement is that when you click on track this post or comment it does that thing where the box pops up and you can hit save then and there and it doesn't take you to a whole other page where you have to choose inbox or email LOL

Much hugs and Love to you all *SMOOCHES* 


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I know this is a rather random topic but it merits some light on it.

Faith... not in a religious sense but in a very personal sense. 

How much faith do you have in yourself, what you do and your place in the world at large?

I find myself wavering wildly on this one at times. Some days I'm taking over the planet and the next I don't feel worthy of the socks I'm wearing. I know some of it's a very natural thing (we all have great days and off days) but I think the demands of my job and the minimal compensation is having a negative effect on me.

This has come to light for me recently because of my job and all it demands of my time and all it requires me to know... and how very little my pay is. I've made almost twice as much doing half the work in the past and I think it's time for me to have a little faith in myself and start looking for another job.  Mind you I am grateful to be gainfully employed but at the same time I feel like I am being used and under-appreciated at times too... I blew this feeling off at first thinking "hey everyone feels this way at times" but when co-workers start saying things like wow I hope this place is giving you your due because you do the work of 5 people... it's time to think about moving on/up. 

All comments, thoughts and stories are welcome... comment away please!

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Stolen from [ profile] nochick_fics but I'm sure she doesn't mind.  Please take time to read this and sign the petition if it is indeed something you feel in your heart. In my world no one should be persecuted for being what that are... think about that... 

Right now, almost 80 countries around the world make it a crime to be gay, lesbian or transgender.  In 10 of those nations, you can be sentenced to death or life behind bars.  The majority of these nations share a connection - they are members of the Commonwealth - an organization bringing together 54 nations to collaborate on legal, cultural and economic development.

The Commonwealth leaders are gathering this week in Perth, Australia where Kamalesh Sharma, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, just gave a courageous speech calling on each of the Commonwealth nations to finally end discrimination and criminalization of LGBT people. It's historic, but hardly a done deal: Forces within the Commonwealth are working double-time to silence Sharma and others, giving nations that send gays and lesbians to jail a free pass for yet another year.

We need to support Secretary General Sharma and show the other heads of state that a massive global outcry is bubbling up in their own countries and demanding fairness.  The meeting kicks off this Friday - we need thousands to join Commonwealth citizens around the world and sign on to our statement of support for Secretary General Sharma in the next 48 hours, making his call impossible to ignore.

Will you take a minute to add your name and share this letter far and wide:

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 I would like to thank everyone for all of their well wishes. I feel basically kinda sorta mostly human now and hope to get to relying to all of the comment love to my fics and to my I feel like run over crude post. You guys and gals rock hard and I love ya. *HUGS* Also much yummy-ness going out to those that gave me head... uh user heads that is *heh heh* and other virtual gifts. *glomps*

I hope everyone has a kick ass Monday *SPREADS LOVE AND GOOD WILL*
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 I love you guys too much to put into words! *HUGS* 

But I just danced with and flirted with the guys (yes three) that hurt my friend so I could get their names and numbers for the police....I feel icky an sick to my stomach even though it was for a good cause ... but it's gonna be a long day tomorrow but I will keep you updated *hugs on you all again* (and I will get to replies to all things after work tomorrow, promise!)

I know its not right to want vengeance, but its what I want so pray for my soul... my buddy had a recording contract that he missed out on because of this...I can't be forgiving right now >.< (please don't think less of me)

I can't express the love I have for all of you enough ^_^ *hugs more*
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I have had a great first few days at the new job and I am contributing my good mojo to all who have wished me well ^_^ However today I woke up to bad news. A really close friend of mine got jumped at our local karaoke spot and suffered some pretty severe damage to his eye. We had judged the contest together and I left when it was over due to having to work at 8am. To wake to find my phone full of messages all sounding panicked and tear-filled made it a hard long day. He is like my best bud and like my little brother so I worried myself into an upset stomach and a headache. I couldn’t reach him or his brother and it seemed like forever until 5pm.

Once I got to his house I found out his phone was destroyed in the incident and it looks like the person that jumped him for no reason (not saying that because he is my buddy but none of us even knew this guy by face nonetheless name and as far as the staff knew he had never set foot in the building before last night) …anywho they think the guy was on drugs. >.< This has been a long, hard trying day and it seems to be headed down hill so I am going to bed.

I hope you guys sleep well and dream even better *hugs*
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 First day at the new job...wish me luck everyone! I'm a little nervous but I am in good spirit! I'd like to thank you all for cheering me on over the last week or so ^_^ HUGS ON YOU ALL!! 
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Ok I have been on a fic posting roll so time for something different ne? I am in between jobs at the moment and while enjoying the time with my family and with you guys here on Lj it's not exactly profitable. I was wondering if anyone had any leads on some legitimate online work or a place that's looking for newbie writers (you guys know me I'll take a crack at anything from comedy to smut so no need to be shy while suggesting) links are appreciated if you have them. ^_^

In other news:

I have lost a few pounds so yay for that. 

I have polished my page designing skills by redoing the layout for [ profile] fandomwords100 (go check it out you know you want to)

I have made it through most of of the laundry pile (laundry is the devil, it never goes away...tell me I'm wrong?)

I am still working on the giftfcs from this post HERE  
note[info]nochick_fics gift went haywire and is over the 2000 word mark and climbing (but I blame her for putting the idea of plants/tentacle porn in my demented little brain) anywho... with that said it's hard to tell what you guys will get...may be a bit longer than a drabble.

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Good Morning all! I have had the super crud the past few days but I bounced up this morning at 5:20 (with no aid of the alarm) feeling much  better! 

So everyone tell me one important thing going on in your world right now and feel free to ask advice on anything (this post is friends locked) if its very personal feel free to PM me! 

In my world: I have a new job working for the County that I love so please send out the vibe that when the fiscal year starts over that they hire me full time with benefits!! 

What I need advice on: Time management >.< i need to work out a schedule that will still get my housework done, my kids entertained and my happy time (writing and karaoke) in? I work 32 a week at one job and 5 to 15 at the other...
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Hey Peeps I know I've been a bit MIA so I apologize. Life has been super hectic but I think the worst has passed and now I am off to hopefully bigger and better things.

I start the new job at 8am sharp this morning so please wish me well. I am a bit nervous but I think all shall go well. *hugs on
[info]vexed_wench for the pep talk last night* I've needed to make a change in employment for a while and I am grateful to have the opportunity to give this a go.

So what's been up with all of you?


Jan. 20th, 2010 08:26 am
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Morning all I am way to tired to be up and about but I am doing so anyway. Had a head full of off the wall wacky dreams last night that are already beginning to fade from memory. I hope everyone has a great day and someone cooks you

PS -  If you get the chance and please stop by and check out our new muliti-fandom Drabble Community
[info]fanfic_bakeoff Open to all 18 and over ^_^ I am Head Baker of Team Cake and sign-ups for both teams are still open and we'd love to have you.

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