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Title: Serendipity
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Verse: FMA One Shots
Characters: Roy/Ed
Author: Little ole me ^_^
Genre: Humor/Waff/Romance
Words: 763
Rating: T
Summary: Another day in paradise
Warnings: None
NOTE: So I did this random questionaire  thing on FB AAAAAGGGEEESSSS agoand I wrote a few fics that I never posted *bad Lynx*  this one is for [ profile] sky_dark

Ahhhh a day in the life )
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So things aren't feeling as weird as I thought they would here. Sure my Friends Page is a bit slow but it is to be expected.

I dropped some Inuyasha fanfic in my Lj and some FMA fanfic over at [ profile] fma_fic_contest

Not so bad. A slow start beat the dead standstill I was at so YAY ME!!

Life is dribbling along my anxiety is still my anxiety but it doesn't have absolute reign over me any more and I can mesh with that. Work is still just a boon for me I'm just not happy there even as I admit it isn't a horrible place to work it's just when it come to key factors for me they fail on those fronts in the same grand fashion a fish fails to climb a tree. My foot is still on the mend even if it sends electric fire like jolts through my toes and the incision at times. Could do without that but it's all part of the healing process I suppose.

Is anyone active in any fic comms on here any more? Any new ones? Are my INUand FMA peeps still around and about here or has everyone moved fic dropping to AO3? Speaking of AO3 feel free to leave your AO3 link in a comment I think I'm missing several people on my watch list over there.

Sleep well, dream even better.

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Attention All Lj Users Nepal Needs Our Help

I have decided try and help out the victims of the earthquake in Nepal by voulunteering my services through [ profile] fandomaid. You can find my Fanfic post HERE and my icon post HERE. If you would like something special done by me outside of what I have listed and you are willing to donate to the cause let me know and I'll make a post for your request on [ profile] fandomaid or you can donate on your own HERE (I still believe in the honor system) feel free to comment to this post or PM me ^_^

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Hey All I am indeed still alive WOOT!

Work got crazy busy and is still busy with crazies... but eh suck is life.

I've been absorbed in updating Underneath it All and I'm proud to report 12k plus words later and it's done. I should have it up this weekend. (that's a lot to edit LOL)

As some of you know my personal life went to shit in late March. Lot's of drama and people showing their true colors all the way around including yours truly. Not meaning to be vague but just don't want to rehash it all... was some heavy stuff. But I am happy to report all is well (for the moment at least) and I did what I always said I would do if I was ever in a certain situation so I can at least say I stayed true to myself, I didn't take the "easy" way out. Suffice it to say it turned into a shitty After School Special and just like in a Lifetime Movie the truth is a bitter pill no one wants to swallow and if you are ever the only one willing to voice it, beware the fallout, but still do it because you know if you were on the other side of the fence you'd want to hear the "real deal" not the "easy deal".

Enough of that...

Original Fiction that has taken up most of my time the last year is moving along well and I hope to have another book out by the end of this year. Might Be Indie Publishing might be Dreamspinner not sure, too soon to tell.

Fell free to clue me into what's gone on in your life if you comment. Much love and hugs to all!

Now some eye candy!
Pics Under Cut )

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Okay everyone my partner in all fanfic crimes the lovely [personal profile] vexed_wench is running the show over at [community profile] allbingo this month! WOOT! WOOT!! *\0/* As most of us know May is the home of National Masturbation Month. Now doesn't that alone inspire you to visit [community profile] allbingo and take a peek at whats going on? Sure it does! So head on over to THIS POST and check out her Bingo card of awesomeness! You know you want to…

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Guess who finally had her muse take a liking to her first fan fic long enough to eek out a 7k update? You guessed it, it was yours truly.


So to the few of you out there that still read the Inuyasha fandom here's a link to the latest chapter of Falling Away.


Chapter 42: After the Fall

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