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You know what is really painful yet eye opening? Reading something you wrote ten years ago... Buy I've come a long way baby lol.


This has been a public service announcement by your friend Lynx-chan

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Hey All I am indeed still alive WOOT!

Work got crazy busy and is still busy with crazies... but eh suck is life.

I've been absorbed in updating Underneath it All and I'm proud to report 12k plus words later and it's done. I should have it up this weekend. (that's a lot to edit LOL)

As some of you know my personal life went to shit in late March. Lot's of drama and people showing their true colors all the way around including yours truly. Not meaning to be vague but just don't want to rehash it all... was some heavy stuff. But I am happy to report all is well (for the moment at least) and I did what I always said I would do if I was ever in a certain situation so I can at least say I stayed true to myself, I didn't take the "easy" way out. Suffice it to say it turned into a shitty After School Special and just like in a Lifetime Movie the truth is a bitter pill no one wants to swallow and if you are ever the only one willing to voice it, beware the fallout, but still do it because you know if you were on the other side of the fence you'd want to hear the "real deal" not the "easy deal".

Enough of that...

Original Fiction that has taken up most of my time the last year is moving along well and I hope to have another book out by the end of this year. Might Be Indie Publishing might be Dreamspinner not sure, too soon to tell.

Fell free to clue me into what's gone on in your life if you comment. Much love and hugs to all!

Now some eye candy!
Pics Under Cut )

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I am asking everyone on my F-List to please consider doing this. I know its short notice since contributions are due August 31st
but the causes are worthy ones and it is also a chance to be published ^_^

Lazy Beagle Entertainment



Created by Johanna Rae

As many of you already know we are putting together a book for charity. If any of you would like to participate, please let me know by contacting: (For questions not answered here on this page.) or simply

Send submissions to:


Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2013 2359 (11:59pm) Pacific time USA.

Anyone is welcome to submit, no matter where you live, no matter your age, no matter if you are an author or not.

If you submit, you must submit an Author Bio Page before you submit a work.

You will not be required to submit any books if you choose not to, but you need the Bio up for when the book goes up for sale.

There is no limit to the length of your submissions.

There is no limit to how many submissions you submit.

The works submitted MUST be yours and if they are for sale, they must be for sale by you and not by any publisher and you must have all the rights to the works.

No erotica as this book will be available to minors.

Nothing illegal in the works.

Language, is allowed as is violence. I expect the parents or guardians to monitor what their children have access to.

No descriptive sex scenes even if not erotica, especially that of beastiality, pedophilia or rape.

NO PLAGIARISING!! If caught with someone elses work(s), you will be removed from the site immediately, your work will be reported to the proper people and you will be paraded around on all social media sites as well as many author sites. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!

There will be NO compensation for this book!

25% of proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project.

25% of proceeds will be donated to It Gets Better Project.

25% of proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

25% of proceeds will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States.

This is only the first book. We will be putting more of them out later.

All entrants will receive a free digital copy of the book.

The book will eventually be published in print and available for sale with profits still being split equally between the four charity groups.

If you would like to donate anything to the book besides written words please contact:

Patrick at

or Rondal at

Sorry for the lack of cut but Lj was being Lj :/
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You guys know my fandoms:

Teen Titans
Static Shock
Final Fantasy VII & X
Marvel X-men (mostly comicverse)
DC (kinda new at dabbling in this one, most fics are still on my PC)

[ profile] fandomwords100 has this up:  A sacred vow exchanged between two people in love. Here I want us to celebrate the level of commitment that two people have to have to one another to take this huge step. We want to celebrate all couplings either straight or same sex. We want the big weddings, the small weddings, and even the elopements. We want the proposals, the engagements, the wedding planning, the ceremonies and all the happily ever afters that come when the honeymoon is all over. Let your mind be creative...

So give me people to marry off!! Leave them in a comment to this post and if you have a scenario feel free to include that too... I make no promises but I shall give this a go I am in a drabbling mood! 

NOTE [ profile] fandomwords100 s also doing the food-smut-a-thon again so fee free to come check it out ^_^

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Ok so I promise I haven' hung up my fanfic ways and there will be a posting of ficcage in this journal very soon. 

I have also ben contemplating changing my Lj layout... does anyone out there on the old F--List write code? Or have a nice layout tucked away somewhere they don't mind sharing? My only requirement is that when you click on track this post or comment it does that thing where the box pops up and you can hit save then and there and it doesn't take you to a whole other page where you have to choose inbox or email LOL

Much hugs and Love to you all *SMOOCHES* 


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Since I've finally proven to myself that I can indeed write 50K words in one month I am going to take a more relaxed stance this year. While still shooting to hit the word count I am going to do it with multiple works. I have several ideas so I thought I'd put up a poll and let you guys vote on them ^_^[Poll #1876067]

So choose your favorite and feel free to drop any and all suggestions and thoughts in a comment ^_^

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Ok since you guys totally rock and I promise I haven't forgotten your ideas, request or suggestions I'm gonna post them here as a reminder. Also if you would like to add to this list feel free to leave your request in a comment and I'll try to get to them as the muse allows. I won't limit the number of times you can comment so request or suggest until your heart is content.  ^_^

Also the wonderfully giving [ profile] havemy_heart won my [ profile] help_japan bid/auction and I have finally finished his Havoc/Ed and it is with the Beta (if anyone else wants to read a 28K Jean/Ed adventure let me know, the more eyes the better, it went nuclear on me and turned into a novel.)

But as far as requests and suggestions go so far I have: 

Ed/Russ breakup/begging you back fic for [ profile] kiwilite  (yes my dear I haven’t forgotten my muse is just everywhere, please do forgive me *hugs* I may start over on this one just to get my muse rolling)

[ profile] nochick_fics request for a naughtier take on Ed/Russ *heh heh*

[ profile] kyofujimiya Roy and Maes, their first Christmas/Yule in the military together, away from home. ^_^

[ profile] baroqueangel  Russ/Ed, first time they invite Roy to play with them :P

[ profile] sexkitten426  FMA - Roy sees Ed making a family with Winry & muses about his own pre-series divorce from Hawkeye.

[ profile] rinfang Roy/Ed. Roy and Ed are happily dating but Winry, because she is a good friend and is looking out for Ed's best interests, doesn't approve of the relationship. She thinks Roy's too old for Ed and doesn't like how he manipulates him.

[ profile] kattrip033 Roy, Lime green stilettos, and possibly Ed  July 21 2012

[ profile] nochick_fics I'd love to see you write something Rufus-centric. He's thinking about what Reno and Rude may or may not be doing when the lights are out, and how it relates to his own lack of relationships. Maybe he even contemplates what it might be like to join them. Yes, another OT3 for me, lol!  If that doesn't work, then some good ol' Roy/Hughes angst works for me!

[ profile] luxquintessence

ETA--- I couldn't decide between H/C, fluff or sillysmut and so I give you 3prompts for you and ask you pick one : 
* "I can't say I'm sorry, but please forgive me?" 
* " I have never been more proud of you" 
*"I know we need to talk about this, but can we talk while you are in me?" 

[ profile] vexed_wench  How about telling the family/close friends or whatever. That they are a threesome a loving committed relationship of three consenting adults. That no one is cheating and yes we are very happy.

[ profile] kiramaru7  Awe... I feel like I've read a bunch of love letters. Good job with so little words, Sweetie! *huggles* (this inspired me to write a bunch of love letters) 

[ profile] sexkitten426  How about "the way we fit together"

[ profile] too_beauty  - Roy & Ed obviously and shower sex or a nice striptease? Because she loves water falling over muscled bodies ^_^

Wow... ^_^

Nov. 20th, 2010 07:44 pm
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 10,002 words in 24 hours *woot woot*... I am in a NaNoWriMo Grove!! At this rate I may catch up enough to make the 50k goal ^_^  Hope all is going well with other NaNo participants. 

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