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Wow I haven't posted any ficcage here all year. I know it's only March but damn... Anywho here was my contribution to [ profile] fma_fic_contest

Title: Ambrosia
Author lynx212
Series: First Anime
Word Count: 250
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Summary: She just couldn't bring herself not to... even if doing so made it hurt all over again.

Prompt 263 1st place - Gracia FMA fic contest
It was quite the spread. )

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 Just finished posting my entry over at [info]fma_fic_contest  you guys should pop over there and enter or read because this weeks prompt is romance so it's bound to be some great fics ^_^ 

*ahem*  Anywho... ok sorry it took me so long to get around to this (RL and all that jazz plus there is the fact I made all of these backgrounds so please do not snag them without asking/crediting kk? ^_^

So to lay it all out there I am giving you guys and gals that commented on that random post stuff just because I wanna and you are all made of awesome so there you'll just have to let me dote on ya a bit  ^_^ So without further ado on to the giveaway!

Step One: Pick your background
Autumn Blades                                                                                                   Unicorn Forest
Raining Glass                                                                                                     Fractured Dreams 
Step Two: Sit back and wait for your gifts similar to the images featured below to appear ^_^ 
It's that simple my friends and if you are wondering where the year is drawn from its from your profile, 
the creation date of your livejournal 
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 Ok I have inadvertently found myself part of a growing movement! That's right Elricest: The Movement (ETM) ^_^
So I thought...hmmm...what does every great movement need? You got it BANNERS!! We all love thes things so I thought what the hell I'll make a couple and share with the masses. Much thanks to a new friend [info]kyofujimiya  for creating a wonderful list of prompts for the occasion! 

Since I'm on here (not fic writing for once) I'd like to give a huge shout out of love to all of those supporting my new series Invidia. You guys so rock and if you ever want something (fic, banners, icons, etc) feel free to PM me or leave it in a comment and I'l see if I can whip it up for ya *loves on all of you hard*. 

*ahem* Anywho without further ado here are the banners *caution NWS art of greatness under cut ^_^

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Happy time happy times! I got the job I interviewed for on Monday and I start the 21st!! *woot woot* go me! I'm a bit nervous so please wish me luck. Thanks to everyone for all of the well wishes ^_^

I also just completed table 19 over at [ profile] 5_prompts and was awarded my first shiny lookie lookie! 

On a different note... much like the lovely [ profile] nochick_fics  [ profile] nochick_fics [ profile] truth_in_lies  [ profile] geeky_ramblings  [ profile] truth_in_lies  [ profile] enemytosleep  [ profile] sky_dark [ profile] alphonseelric22   [ profile] dragonimp [ profile] hells_bells  and [ profile] rainjoyous (sorry if I missed anyone) I am offering something to help disaster victims in Japan. I am offering FMA and Inuyasha fanfic over at [info]help_japan for a good cause HERE. I hope you guys consider helping in someway if you can ^_^

Have a great morning everyone and I love you all ^_^

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