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Title: Name Tags
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Verse: My OT3
Characters: Roy/Ed/Russell
Author: Little ole me
Genre: Romance/Slice of Life/Fluff
Words: 1,180
Rating: T
Summary: Roy is quite the sentimental lover.
Warnings: None
A/N: Written for the wonderful [ profile] luxquintessence as my way of sending hugs ^_^

Russell walked into the den to grab a book that wasn’t related to his journey to become a licensed physician and his eyes fell on a long flat box. The box was wrapped in blue paper and tied with a black ribbon. When Russell moved to inspect it, he noticed that there was a piece of paper folded up in front of it that had his initials on it.

When he opened the top flap the word Sky was written in calligraphy and it made him smile as a small shiver raced up his spine. It was from Roy. The nickname Sky was something new Roy had taken to calling him and he found himself growing more and more fond of it every time he heard it.


I hope you aren’t planning to pull another all night study session. Life is too short to let it pass you by in a blur. I have no doubt you will meet your goal no matter what pace you set so please consider slowing down. If you don’t, you may burn out your candle before it’s even lit.

Russell sighed after reading that last line. Perhaps he should slow down. There was nothing pushing him but himself and there was more to life than reaching some goal. Slowing down was sounding better and better.

I know you will become someone this country will never forget but in the meantime don’t forget you are already unforgettable to me. I realize the gift is early but I know it will be fitting.

Your presence at my side has been missed. Please come out to the greenhouse when you can. I’ll be waiting.


Russell opened the box and what he found inside made an already broad smile widen. It was a monogrammed stethoscope. There was a silver piece fitted around the tubing it had his initials on the front and Sky on the back. When Russell tried it on the silver piece came to rest very close to his heart and he had a feeling that was no coincidence.  Placing his gift back inside its box, Russell headed out of the den.

Upstairs in their bedroom Ed was packing for yet another away mission with Maes. He’d just reached in the dresser drawer where he kept his many notebooks when his hand hit something that shouldn’t have been there. Peering in the drawer, he saw a rectangular box sitting on top of everything. Wrapped in black and tied with gold. There was a note with his name on it tucked under the ribbon on the top of the box.


A grin split Ed’s face. Roy often said Ed reminded him of a localized storm.

Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori*

It was from Roy. Had to be because most of it was written in Latin. Russell was getting better at it but of the two of them, only Roy knew it well enough to write a letter. When Ed and Roy first became good friends that did more than throw juvenile barbs at each other communicating in Latin was something they would do. Whether it be written words or spoken phases they would communicate that way a lot of times. Like a couple of kids with a secret code.

I know you must go but it doesn’t stop me from disliking that fact. Our days together have been short and our evenings even shorter. I will miss you from sunrise to sunset. I know this gift isn’t the same as me being there with you but I hope it makes you think of me while you’re gone.

Also, it is purely a coincidence that it’s made of the same material as mine, you know, the one you would never think of wearing when I’m away.

When you are done please come out to the greenhouse. I shall be there.

Amor meus amplior quam verba est**


Ed put the last of his belongings in his suitcase and headed for the stairs. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw Russell coming out of the den.

“You headed for the greenhouse?”

“I am. I take it you are too?”

With a nod Ed fell in step behind Russell as they went in search of Roy. When they reached the greenhouse, it appeared to be empty. Looking at each other confused they were about to leave when Russell spied a flicker of light under the door that led to what should have been an empty room. They opened the door and mouths fell open even as they remained speechless.

Roy had been a busy man.

“Glad you could join me gentlemen.”

“When did you do all of this?” Ed asked looking around at the small oasis Roy had created.

“Over the past two weeks.”

“I’m guessing this is why the door knob suddenly quit turning and the door wouldn’t budge,”

“I took a calculated risk,” Roy replied. “I know how busy you both are and since this room was empty I was betting that neither one of you would bother taking the time to figure it out or use alchemy to fix it if by some chance you tried to come in here.”

“It was a safe bet Old Man,” Ed said as he kicked off his shoes and crawled over into the nest of oversized pillows Roy had all around him. 

“Indeed,” Russell said as he pulled off his shoes and joined them.

For Roy life didn’t get any better than it was at that moment. The fireplace was going. The wine was poured. The candles were lit and more importantly Russell was on one side of him and Ed was on the other. The three of them sat there in comfortable silence, Russ leaning on Roy’s shoulder, Ed with his head on Roy’s lap watching the sunset. Just before the sun dipped below the horizon hands started to roam. When Russell reminded them that there was a glass wall there, Roy said for them not to worry.

He had one more surprise.

“Go outside.”

“What?” Ed replied giving Roy a weird look.

“Humor me,” Roy replied as he made a shooing motion with his hand.

Russell and Ed looked at each other and shrugged before going outside. When they tried to look in at Roy all they saw was their own reflection. Rushing back in they saw Roy’s smile had melted into a shit-eating grin.

“Very clever of you,” Russell said.

“Thank you, I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself once I thought of it.”

When Ed said nothing Roy asked him what he thought.

Golden eyes twinkled, “I think you both have too much clothing on.”


During Ed's letter I thought I’d spare you guys an entire paragraph written in Latin and use mostly English instead. It’s clearly stated it was written in another language I didn’t think you needed an entire Babblefish paragraph to catch the sentiment. ^_^

Porcella - Storm/Tempest

* Love conquers all things, so we too shall yield to love.

** My love is more than words

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