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Title: Past Mistakes
Author: [ profile] lynx212
Pairing: Ed/Russell - Fullmetal Alchemist
Prompt: Cheat
Characters: Edward Elric, Russell Tringham, OC-Gary
Word Count: 796
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I do not profit from this
Summary/Warning: Russell has made a mistake that both he and Ed are going to pay a very high price for. This was written for the community [ profile] kill_your_otp so be warned it's far from fluff. Complete table found HERE

The sad thing was it hadn’t meant anything.

Ed and I had just started dating. We’d argued about something and I’d let this sweet talkative dude I sorta knew with large brown eyes have his way with me. I left that night as soon as it was over and didn’t think any more about him. I had felt so guilty I’d promised myself and Ed, even though Ed didn’t know it, that nothing like that would ever happen again. I kept that promise but apparently, one time was all it took.

It was a stupid decision I’d made so long ago I’d forgotten it.

Unfortunately for us, he hadn’t forgotten me.

If I had to guess, I’d say he was able to stab Ed a couple of times in the back before Ed even knew he was in the house. Ed was lying about eight feet away from me covered in his own blood as more of it oozed out across the floor with each breath he struggled to take. Our attacker must have tried several times to deliver a series of fatal wounds to him but Ed being Ed didn’t go down without a fight. He had defensive wounds all over his hand and arm that said so. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Blood loss will take down the strongest of warriors and that fact was the reason why the love of my life was dying right in front of me.

“Ed… I… I’m so…”

“I hold your life in my hands and it’s still his name you call!”

Oh yeah, I’d forgotten how bad that night went. My body was with him but my heart was obviously with Ed if calling out his name had been any indication.

He kicked me and I managed to recall that his name was Gary something. Even with him standing over me holding a knife dripping with my blood… with Ed’s blood, I couldn't dredge up his last name. I forced my head up and Ed looked so damn pale I’m scared he’s already gone. I could tell his eyes were having a hard time focusing and more than anything I wanted to help him. I had no idea how long he’d been lying in our kitchen floor at the mercy of this lunatic but if the puddle of blood under him was any indication, it was for far too long. I could only guess that this crazy asshole managed to break in and waited on Ed to get home then surprised him. I couldn’t imagine him getting the best of Ed any other way.

Ed coughed, causing more blood to bubble past his lips and I would have screamed if I had the energy. More than anything I wanted Ed to know how much I loved him and how fucking sorry I was. One bad decision and…

“I’ve loved you since I met you! Did you know that?” Gary shouted at me. No, I didn’t know that but I also couldn’t bring myself to care. My love was bleeding to death in front of me. “Then after humiliating me you didn’t even have the decency to so much as apologize.”

I should have expected it but I didn’t. I hardly knew the guy. We had worked together for a few weeks when I first moved to Central but that was it. At least it was it for me.

“If you call for… for help now it might…”

“It might what, Russell? It might come in time to save your precious, Ed?”

That’s exactly what I was thinking but I wasn’t stupid enough to voice it.

“This…” fuck everything hurt. How many times had Gary stabbed me? Three, four times? “This… doesn’t have to… to end in murder.”

“Yes it does Russell because I’m not going to be content with anything less. I’m not going to let you have your happily ever after. I’m ending your story the only way it can end.”

Gary walked over to Ed and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. He kneeled in front of him and I watched in horror as he slid the knife in Ed’s neck. When he pulled the blade out, the already dim light in Ed’s eyes faded to nothing in seconds.

I was sobbing and I didn’t even realize it until he mentioned it. I was so focused on those dead golden eyes staring at me I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Don’t worry Russell.”

I felt the blade slide into my side and as much as it hurt, only a weak gurgle passed my trembling lips. I looked at my killer and he smiled at me as he said, “See I’m not so bad, I made sure you didn’t have to grieve for long.”

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