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Ok Lj is pissing me off *grrrr* I finally get my update all nice and web ready and BOOM Lj issues and roadblocks >.< *grumbles*

I know my post is large (14k) but after dividing it in half... then into thirds... Lj still says my post it too large. So until I can get this damnable bane of my existence to cooperate on this site are some links...

UIA on AO3

or on


Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause *hands out interwebs cookie*

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Ok so I promise I haven' hung up my fanfic ways and there will be a posting of ficcage in this journal very soon. 

I have also ben contemplating changing my Lj layout... does anyone out there on the old F--List write code? Or have a nice layout tucked away somewhere they don't mind sharing? My only requirement is that when you click on track this post or comment it does that thing where the box pops up and you can hit save then and there and it doesn't take you to a whole other page where you have to choose inbox or email LOL

Much hugs and Love to you all *SMOOCHES* 


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If anyone was wondering what happened to me my internet went down saturday and is still down as of this morning.
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Happy Monday everyone! I had an awesome relaxing weekend were I did absolutely nada and I'm missing it already, lol. I would like to thank all of the readers of The Fever, The Visitor and North, South, East and West you guys are awesome! The Fever is complete and the next part of The Visitor will be up later today if work doesn't eat my brain.

For [ profile] hpfangirl71 and all of the others following Invidia it is not forgotten but at a point where I have to make a critical decision about which direction the storyline (and Al's craziness) is going to go. There will be no turning back once it's posted so I'm trying to make sure I'm going down the right path.

As you all probably know by now I finally got my shit together and got Falling Away updated and Underneath It All is next on my to do list as well. Not sure when the muse will allow for the next parts of Verbal Abrasions or Double Whammy but I'm sure it won't be as long as it has been on either because things are moving and shaking in my busy little fanfic obsessed mind. For the few readers on my F-List of Static Shock I haven't forgotten Reasons or my comical little crossover of FMA and SS. Everything will get an update just don't know when but I promise not to post any new mega multi-chapter fics until they are completed so that way you don't have to wait forever on me to update. (Note I said I won't post any... so yes that does mean I have several new things living on my hard drive already) ^_^

Well this fanfic update has gone on long enough. If I didn't mention something you'd like to know more about just comment here and I'll happily ansewer any questions you have. Hugs na dmuch love to you all.

Oh and for you FMA smut lovers I posted foursome yumminess over at [ profile] hentai_contest last night... yeah my FMA OT3 + one ^_^. Hope to get it in my Lj later today but not sure life will allow that.

Hope you all have a kickass day!
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Well this past week has been a roller coaster in many ways. I'm hoping this weekend proves to be much more relaxing and stable than the one past. I have too much on my mind as it is and I do not need anything added to it.

Now on to some fandom related happenings... IYFanguild is closing and it saddens me. I have such a weird emotional attachment to the Inuyasha fandom in general that it's dying causes my little heart to ache. I remember the good ole days here where my time was spent writing and reading for communities like [ profile] iyhedonism, Inuyasha Comedy Club, [ profile] inuholidays, [ profile] inumir, etc.  Oh those were the days... happy times indeed. So if you see an influx of Inuyasha fics from me in the coming weeks this would be why.

In closing, have an absolutely fabulous Friday everyone *hugs* 

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Ok all I have had the oddest fucking year of my life to date and I think it’s only going to get more “off to the left” as it rolls on. You name it it’s happened and all I can say is WTF yo? But anywho enough of my whining… life is, what it is and it beats the hell out of pushing up daises…ne?

Anywho… As most of you well know my muse has been on fire and fanfic has abounded here in my little corner of the web so I think an update on progress is in order once again.

If I owe you a fic you are far from forgotten, my muse dabbles in everything at the same time even as it decides “hey lets create more things and start new stories” >.< So all is still in the works just slow moving due to me having a bad case of FMADHD (Fanfic Muse Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) lol

Let us begin with the Static Shock and Inuyasha fandom’s since those are a shorter list. Then on to FMA of course...

List Of Fanfics Under Cut ^_^ )

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 I had an absolute shit day yesterday...I truly did. From the time I got up until about 6pm life was indeed biting. I hope today fairs much much better in that aspect for me and for all of you *hugs*
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 Howdy all!! I know I been MIA for a bit as far as attending to my F-List but I hope to get around to seeing what all of you have been into this weekend ^_^.  No promises but I shall try. 


I have a few gift fics from a giveaway I am indeed still working on. Here’s a snippet from the Ed/Russ fic for [ profile] kiwilite under the cut (yes my dear I haven’t forgotten my muse is just everywhere, please do forgive me *hugs*)

Snippet One ^_^ )


I also have a gift fic that’s been in progress forever fo the lovely and talented [ profile] nochick_fics  and a here is a snippet from her fic as well (It’s turned into a monster my dear and I hope it does indeed end up worth the wait once I get it finished *luffs on you for having patience*)


Snippet Two )


Also the wonderfully giving [ profile] havemy_heart  won my [ profile] help_japan  bid/auction and I am working on her some Havoc/Ed. I don’t know if she wants to be surprised or not so I won’t include a snippet from that until I get her ok on the matter ^_^

*WHEW* Ok now onto the poll for Misconstrued and who will molest Ed next! According to the results Ling won by a landslide so he will be featured in the next installment of the series!! 

I also got some lovely gift art from the uber talented [info]ca11iope  for THIS FIC featured under the following cut! (It's so nice to see Inuyasha fans still alive and sane well here on Lj) 

Much love to you all and much thanks to all of you supporting [ profile] fma_candiednuts  and my new series Invidia *luffs on you all* ^_^

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Good Morning all! I have had the super crud the past few days but I bounced up this morning at 5:20 (with no aid of the alarm) feeling much  better! 

So everyone tell me one important thing going on in your world right now and feel free to ask advice on anything (this post is friends locked) if its very personal feel free to PM me! 

In my world: I have a new job working for the County that I love so please send out the vibe that when the fiscal year starts over that they hire me full time with benefits!! 

What I need advice on: Time management >.< i need to work out a schedule that will still get my housework done, my kids entertained and my happy time (writing and karaoke) in? I work 32 a week at one job and 5 to 15 at the other...
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Hey Peeps I know I've been a bit MIA so I apologize. Life has been super hectic but I think the worst has passed and now I am off to hopefully bigger and better things.

I start the new job at 8am sharp this morning so please wish me well. I am a bit nervous but I think all shall go well. *hugs on
[info]vexed_wench for the pep talk last night* I've needed to make a change in employment for a while and I am grateful to have the opportunity to give this a go.

So what's been up with all of you?

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