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Hey All I am indeed still alive WOOT!

Work got crazy busy and is still busy with crazies... but eh suck is life.

I've been absorbed in updating Underneath it All and I'm proud to report 12k plus words later and it's done. I should have it up this weekend. (that's a lot to edit LOL)

As some of you know my personal life went to shit in late March. Lot's of drama and people showing their true colors all the way around including yours truly. Not meaning to be vague but just don't want to rehash it all... was some heavy stuff. But I am happy to report all is well (for the moment at least) and I did what I always said I would do if I was ever in a certain situation so I can at least say I stayed true to myself, I didn't take the "easy" way out. Suffice it to say it turned into a shitty After School Special and just like in a Lifetime Movie the truth is a bitter pill no one wants to swallow and if you are ever the only one willing to voice it, beware the fallout, but still do it because you know if you were on the other side of the fence you'd want to hear the "real deal" not the "easy deal".

Enough of that...

Original Fiction that has taken up most of my time the last year is moving along well and I hope to have another book out by the end of this year. Might Be Indie Publishing might be Dreamspinner not sure, too soon to tell.

Fell free to clue me into what's gone on in your life if you comment. Much love and hugs to all!

Now some eye candy!
Pics Under Cut )

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Title: A Shit Ass Day
Word Count: 553
World: Madrona - Capitol City
Main Characters: Koubus Drogan and mentions of Pete and Murdina
Summary: Koubus was not in a pleasant mood and the relentless rain wasn't helping one damn bit. 

The irony of his current situation wasn’t lost on him.
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Some of you are already aware of the fictional world known as the [info]madrona_project  that's the creation of [info]cheshirejin and moderated by her [info]vexed_wench and [info]kiramaru7. This world is designed to be the interactive playground of anyone that would like to join. Come and create your own characters or borrow characters from others to tell a collaborative tale of epic proportions! This world is your oyster som com on over and check out the fun ^_^


My first fic for this lovely world is below ^_^
Title: Applying at the bar
Author: lynx212
Word Count: 827
World: Capitol City
Rating: T
Main Characters: Murdina, Bald Pete
Summary: Murdina answers the help wanted ad in the window of Bald Pete's Bar.
A/N: In response to this post  HERE  in Madrona 

“I’m not a ‘buddy’ nor am I here for just ale. Your help wanted sign caught my eye.”

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