lynx212: (Hot Static)
Title: High or Low
Fandom: Static Shock
Author: Lynx212
Chars/Pairs: Virgil/Richie/Francis(Hotstreak)
Genres: Smut/Humor
Rating: M
Warnings: None I can think of ^_^
Word Count: 788
Summary: The boys decide to relax and cut loose... way loose
A/N: Longer version of what I posted at [ profile] hentai_contest for Prompt #92

We are all laughing at nothing and when Richie losses again everything takes a hard left. )

lynx212: (Call Me Jack)
Title: Reasons: Number 04 of 20 of Why the Truth is King…
Fandom: Static Shock
Author: Lynx212
Characters: Virgil/Hotstreak, Richie
Words: 289
Rating: M
Summary: The truth will set you free…or open your eyes…the world is full of surprises.

*****   ******   *****

Another week goes by and my demeanor has only improved by a margin of 18.435 percent. At least that’s the tally according to Richie. I think there’s been an improvement of at least 25 percent but who am I to argue percentages and statistics with a genius.

He’s been prying me with questions for a while. Richie knows me too well and he can tell something besides the normal, “teenager who moonlights as superhero,” drama is going on. In lieu of spilling my guts, before I’m ready, I tell him as soon as I work it out in my own mind he’ll be the first to know.

He smiles at this and offers to buy me dinner at Burger Fool.

We place our orders, sit down, and wait until they call our number. We are in the midst of discussing the latest issue of Plant-man when a hushed whisper floats through the restaurant.

When we look up, we see none other than Francis Stone placing an order at the counter. We watch him warily but he does nothing but lean on the wall off to the side waiting on his food. The people in the back get his food done ASAP and to our shock, he pays and leaves without a scene.

“That’s a first,” Richie says.

“What is?” I ask only to get a look of disbelief from Richie.

“Redheaded flamethrower, in public, no one’s screaming and nothing’s on fire.”

I nod even though I don’t agree. Francis can’t be causing trouble all the time; if he did, we’d never have a day off like we did today.

Maybe seeing him chilled out on a park bench like the any other average Joe opened my eyes a little.

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